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Haley's Photo Gallery

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                     Holidays 2001

                     Halloween 2001

                     First Family Pictures

                    My seventh month, "what a mess"

                    My first Holidays

                    Haley's 1st Halloween

                    My sixth month

                    The third month (the first smiles)

                    The second month

                    The first month     


Hannah's room, Haley's room, Hannah's memorial page

The first hours...

"Hello world!"  Tipping the scales at 8lbs. 6ozs.

haleyp2.jpg (83963 bytes) 

                  Haley's first bath.                                            


Haley, at rest in the hospital.


                                 Haley's first examination, revealing a broken left collar bone from traveling through the birth canal. 

                                                                       wpe8.jpg (89300 bytes)


As she grows...

                                                                                  The first week...

Copy of July 4, 2000 (2).jpg (96515 bytes) Copy of July 4, 2000 (3).jpg (80351 bytes) Copy of July 4, 2000.jpg (108133 bytes)

                             The first month...


                                                                          The second month...

Mvc-019x.jpg (535177 bytes) wpe1D.jpg (85362 bytes) MVC-023X.JPG (153292 bytes) MVC-002X.JPG (188350 bytes)

Bath Time...

MVC-007X.JPG (100017 bytes) MVC-010X.JPG (97287 bytes) MVC-014X.JPG (117978 bytes) MVC-015X.JPG (92485 bytes) MVC-018X.JPG (111621 bytes)

Pretty in Pink...

MVC-007X.JPG (161181 bytes) MVC-011X.JPG (115455 bytes) MVC-012X.JPG (134422 bytes) MVC-013X.JPG (142965 bytes) MVC-016X.JPG (126753 bytes)

                                 The third month...(a smile is born)

                                            MVC-003X.JPG (111743 bytes) MVC-006X.JPG (126311 bytes) MVC-011X.JPG (101172 bytes) MVC-001X.JPG (120732 bytes) MVC-005X.JPG (73651 bytes) MVC-007X.JPG (95463 bytes)

MVC-003X.JPG (102989 bytes)            MVC-005X.JPG (107692 bytes)        MVC-002X.JPG (103904 bytes)

September 13, 2000:  Haley learns to roll over!

                               The fourth month...

                                          MVC-003X.JPG (118380 bytes) a young "Braves Fan"... mom_haley_2000.jpg (101228 bytes)

                     My sixth month

                           MVC-001X.JPG (71378 bytes) MVC-004X.JPG (93817 bytes) MVC-005X.JPG (97454 bytes) MVC-006X.JPG (95697 bytes) MVC-009X.JPG (122353 bytes) MVC-012X.JPG (131931 bytes)


                     My 1st Halloween, "Hangin with my friend Hunter"

                           Halloween2000_1.jpg (78965 bytes) halloween2000_2.jpg (131047 bytes) halloween2000_4.jpg (141673 bytes)

                    My first holidays

MVC-001X.JPG (160924 bytes) MVC-002X.JPG (155665 bytes) MVC-003X.JPG (104600 bytes) MVC-004X.JPG (129536 bytes) MVC-006X.JPG (165205 bytes) MVC-008X.JPG (132378 bytes) MVC-008X.JPG (111546 bytes)

                             Xmas 2000:

MVC-001X.JPG (106020 bytes) MVC-004X.JPG (107929 bytes) MVC-002X.JPG (126374 bytes) MVC-007X.JPG (120260 bytes) wpeD.jpg (49502 bytes) wpeE.jpg (51011 bytes) wpe10.jpg (57413 bytes)

                My Seventh month

                            wpe12.jpg (100503 bytes) wpe13.jpg (101271 bytes) Messy Haley & Mom 01-10-00.jpg (123583 bytes) Haley learning to drink Juice 01-10-00.jpg (104066 bytes) messy Haley blowing bubbles 01-10-00.jpg (120094 bytes) haley grabbin juice 01-10-00.jpg (117664 bytes) messy Haley big smile 01-01-00.jpg (123925 bytes)

Haleyandtoybox03_28_2001b.jpg (146306 bytes) Haley 03-20-01.jpg (144754 bytes) Haley and sieraplaying 03-19-01.jpg (169137 bytes) Haley swinging 03-14-01.jpg (189502 bytes) Haley and monny baked cookies 03-14-01.jpg (123886 bytes)


Hunter BAthing Haley 01-27-01.jpg (89620 bytes) hunter Haley Bath2 01-27-01.jpg (89163 bytes) Hunter Haley Bath 01-27-01.jpg (96777 bytes) Haleycloth head 01-25-01.jpg (88361 bytes) haleydrivingcar 02-10-01.jpg (99993 bytes) HAley playing on slide 04-23-01.jpg (182107 bytes)


Haley peek a boo 04-23-01.jpg (160192 bytes) dadhaltay022801.jpg (171944 bytes) TaylorHaley022801.jpg (114517 bytes) haleyand friends02-11-01.jpg (199836 bytes) Haleydiditblocks102001.jpg (220093 bytes)


         First Family Pictures, 7 months...


                       Daddy and Haley 03-10-01.jpg (46234 bytes)    Family 03-10-01.jpg (57534 bytes)  Naked Haley 03-10-01.jpg (27076 bytes)

          Summer 2001....


                      05-01-2001coolhaley.jpg (147572 bytes) 05-01daddyhaleylake.jpg (87298 bytes) 05-01papahaley.jpg (82097 bytes) 09-01grandmahaley.jpg (82532 bytes)


        My first Birthday, what a blowout!

                      birthday0602.jpg (102325 bytes) Birthdaycakeface0601.jpg (107678 bytes) birthday0601.jpg (85397 bytes)




      Halloween 2001

                     halloween2001.jpg (79062 bytes) Halymonster102001.jpg (219746 bytes) mommyhaley2001halloween.jpg (105396 bytes) monsterdaddyand Haley102001.jpg (148944 bytes) Haleypushtoy102001.jpg (162721 bytes) Haleyrobbiewatchingbarney102001.jpg (123768 bytes)


                      me and my buddy... ROBBIE!

                      10-02-01HaleyRobbie.jpg (143773 bytes)  10-02-02pumpkinpatch.jpg (140029 bytes)

      Holidays 2001

                      me and my boy friends playgroup12-02.jpg (117787 bytes)                               xmas pic 2001.jpg (67373 bytes) familyxmas2001.jpg (72511 bytes)


        Winter 2002

                 me and my daddy...

                     haley03-02-2002d.JPG (100705 bytes) haley03-02-2002b.JPG (113049 bytes) haley03-03-2002c.JPG (116868 bytes)    he has pretty hair...







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