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 Welcome to "Hannah's Hope"


Easter day in our new backyard


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  Welcome to our home!    If you have been here before, then "Welcome Back".  You might notice that our site changes a bit from time to time, but don't worry,  we have not removed any of the original content.  If you come inside, you can still read about an Angel's courageous battle with cancer, a parents greatest loss, and finally, how we have moved forward.  Although Trish and I have taken our time to heal and are now moving toward a brighter future, this does not mean that we will ever forget the past.   Hannah continues to guide us each and every day. If there is one thing that we have learned, it is that life must go on, for that is "Hannah's hope"

So whether you are a family member or friend, just checking up on our current status, or a family facing a similar battle with childhood cancer, I hope that you find this site both educational and supportive.  Please feel free to email us with questions, comments, or requests and don't forget to sign our guest book on your way out.   Thank you.

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