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Hi, we are Alyssa and Karly Bartoletta, and this is our room.  We were born about 6 weeks early but our mommy took really good care of us while we were still inside so we are doing fine.  Our daddy will be working on this site from time to time so be sure to check back to see how we are doing.  You can also view us up close by clicking on our pictures to the left.

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11 May, 2004:  Well once again it has been too long since the last update.  The twins are doing great... They are the cutest...  They finally started sleeping through the night which made all the difference in the world.  They have developed their own entirely different personalities.  Alyssa is completely laid back while Karly requires a bit more attention.  They have been gaining considerable weight and we are happy to say that they are not had a single medical problem.  (Knock on wood).   We are planning a family trip to florida this summer so this should be an interesting week of fun.

20 October, 2003:  The twins were released from the hospital on the 19th of October.  They are doing well, and are almost back up to their birth weight.  They are both eating very well.   Tricia and I got a taste of what we are in for last night.  The twins were up every three hours and as luck would have it, Haley was up all night as well, with a cold.  When the twins woke up for their 6:00am feeding this morning, I found myself jungling both of them for the first time, as Tricia had went in to sleep with Haley.  To say the least, it was challenging but I survived.  Trish says that I am already spoiling them because I took comfort in letting them switch off, taking turns sleep on my chest.  They are really sweet!   Wednesday is their first doctor appointment since being released from the hospital.   This will probably be our first outing will all three kids as well, should be interesting.

13 October, 2003:  All is right with the world... Against the odds and despite our luck in the past, Tricia was able to carry the twins for as long as she could.  Finally, on the 9th of October, at 34 weeks her body had taken enough.   After three weeks of bed rest, Tricia was admitted into the hospital with an increasingly dangerous case of toximia.  After a few days of observation, the doctors decided that it would be best to take her off of the medication that she had been taking to ward off labor.  No more than 6 hours later, we were headed for the operating room for an elective C-section.  To our surprise, the babies came out weighing 6.9 lbs and 5.9 lbs.  They needed oxygen for a few hours but we able to stay off of the ventalator.  By the second day, they were both off of oxygen and beginning to eat through the bottle.  Tonight, they are doing outstanding.  They are expected to stay in the hospital for about 1-2 weeks for observation, to ensure that they are eating and gaining weight.  Haley is completely excited about having two new baby sisters!   She has been great through the whole thing.  Tricia is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow morning.  I have never seen a stronger mother in all my life.  She was up and walking around the day after the babies were born.  I minute I told here that the nurses were going to let me hold the babies, she wrestled her way out of bed and to the NICU.  It is an amazing thing what my life has brought me.   After Hannah was taken from us, having Haley is like a gift from God.  And now it is as if Alyssa and Karly are gifts from Hannah.  It is a good thing being the father of three beautifull daughters, even if they will some day give me a heart attack. :)